Don’t assume your pocket may be a safe storage location for associate extended quantity of your time. Things fall out of pockets, and you ne'er apprehend what may well be occurring if you’re busy. Storage cases are often your best friends.
Don’t store it in a very bag, in a very random pocket, in your bags while not protection, or in the other careless location, even though you're in a very rush. This leaves your e-cigarette prone to damage; particularly if your mind is on different things. It can also place your e-cig in a very position to induce detrimentally dirty, which may have an effect on performance or virtually leave a nasty style in your mouth.
Don’t leave it hanging in your mouth once you’re not using it. Seriously, it’s been done before and isn’t a sensible plan. It’s not a papery, light-weight ancient cig, and it will drop while not hesitation. Why risk it?

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E-cigs are much safer than traditional tobacco