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While the supplemental cash that e-cigarette taxes would herald may facilitate the economy, taxation will go together with some problems—mostly within the variety of opposition from those tormented by the taxes. Serious taxes would cripple tiny businesses WHO concentrate on vaping product. Another downside that might arise from heavy e-cigarettes is backlash from the vaping community.
One example of a town that's imposing a high tax on Triton Tank  smokeless cigarettes and accessories is Olympia, Washington. The Olympia House approved a seventy fifth tax. However, the committee is trying to amend the bill. This modification would raise taxes on a $10 bottle of e-liquid to $20. This level of taxation is double what the state levies on marijuana, alcohol, and (in some cases) tobacco cigarettes.
After all is alleged and done, this projected raise in smokeless roll of tobacco tax may bring $35 million a year to town of Olympia.
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