Goniewicz was one in all the lead man of sciences and could be a cancer researcher within the Department of Health Behavior at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY.
“E-cigarettes contain variable amounts of alkaloid and a few traces of toxicants. however little or no is thought to what extent non-users are often exposed to alkaloid and alternative chemicals in things after they square measure gift within the same area with users of e-cigarettes,” Goniewicz told the NY Daily News.
He and his colleagues conducted 2 separate studies. Within the initial, vapor was generated from associate degree e-cigarette smoking machine in a very sterile area. Then, measurements were taken like quantity of alkaloid, monoxide and alternative harmful gases and particulates within the area.
The second study concerned 5 men WHO were regular smokers of each tobacco cigarettes and e-cigs. Every of the lads was asked to smoke his traditional whole of e-cigarette for 2 five-minute intervals over an amount of associate degree hour.
During every man’s visit to the space, researchers diligently measured air quality. Once every session, the space was sterilized and louvered, and also the experiment was recurrent having the lads smoke their regular whole of tobacco cigarettes.

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